Upcycling is an emerging trend that is reaching people across the world. In the wake of increasing concern about environmental sustainability there is a growing demand for products which not only have a positive impact on the environment but are also sourced ethically, locally and responsibly.


Cirqlate contributes to this by providing a range of personal accessories and homewares, crafted by Fremantle local Charlotte Kenyon and Lora Busellato, who source their materials from recycled objects.

Meet The Artists

Charlotte Kenyon

Charlotte's love for sewing and jewellery design began at a young age. At heart she is a maker and creator, always striving to be resourceful and design things that are useful and serve a purpose.

Charlotte is the owner of Cirqlate. The business was born out of a passion for community and the impact we make on this planet. She values the process in which waste can become something new, helping to manage the way we not only dispose of waste but also the way we think about it.

Lora Busellato

Not only is Lora a talented crocheter, sewer and crafter, she is also a keen upcycler. Behind Lora's expertise in making beautiful products, lies an ability to find discarded materials and reuse them.

Lora's passion for art grew out of a difficult period in her life. She found that creating lifted her spirit and thus it became an intrinsic part of her life. At her peaceful property in Wattleup, Perth, Lora spends much of her time creating beautiful products for others to enjoy.

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